‘My Aim Is Not To Marry A 20-Year-Old Person When I Turn 60’ – Social Media User Fights Dirty With Ned Nwoko & Here Is Why

Ned Nwoko made a harmless post on social media, however, this social media user saw the avenue to disrespect him.

His post was about his aim in life adding that what he aims for at the moment is that he wants to implement what he believes is the best way to Eradicate Malaria in Africa.

He then asked his followers to also shared their own aims and that was when this social media user gave him some dirty words.

Ned wrote;

“What I aim for is to put down on paper and implement what I believe is the best way to Eradicate Malaria in Africa. Its begins with Clean Environment, Fumigation and Vaccine Development. What do you aim for?”

The social media user commented with;

“Not to marry a 20 years man when I turn 60👌🏾👌🏾”

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