Man vows never to let his wife work again after she cheated on him 5 times with her colleagues

A shocking story has been told of a who vowed never to let his wife work again after he caught her cheating on him 5 times with her colleagues at 5 different workplaces.

According to the story, each time the man caught her cheating on him, he would get her another work elsewhere as a way of separating her from the colleague but she ends up cheating with another male colleague as soon as she arrives her new workplace.

After it happened for the fifth time, the man who lives abroad vowed that his wife will remain at home forever.

Frustrated by her husband’s newly devised means of stopping her from cheating, she decided to cry to everyone, including family relatives who cared to listen that her husband her refused she would never work again while hiding the truth from them.

When the said husband was invited for an all important meeting by family members, the man who has kept his wife’s dirty adventures a secret decided to spill the milk.

Read full story below as shared on Twitter by @astuffia;

“My friend’s wife spent 1 year ranting to everyone who cared to listen that her husband had refused to let her work for the past 18 months.

She spread it to the point that everybody began to see my friend as mean, unreasonable, & the epitome of the kind of man every woman should pray not to get married to.

She continued to demonize the man until a family meeting was summoned on the matter.

The man was summoned all the way from abroad where he was based.

Everyone at the family meeting was ready to rip into him & tear him apart for being abroad & still trying to make his wife’s life miserable here.

After everybody had spoken, the man dropped a few proverbs, then proceeded to produce several pieces of evidence including call logs, chats & text messages showing clearly that his wife had been cheating on him.

Lemme tell y’all what happened.

He had, on 2 different visits to Nigeria, found out his wife was cheating with her co-worker. The 1st time, she apologized & the man forgave.

The 2nd time he found out, he decided that maybe it was best to get her another job since the 1st 2 times, she was heating with the same co-worker.

He caught her again a 3rd & 4th time, cheating with a co-worker at the new work place.

He got her yet another job; and just like clockwork, a 5th time! And with yet another co-worker at her new work place.

Oga decided that since she won’t stop f*ck*ng her co-workers, maybe she should stop working entirely. He flexed his muscles & made sure she wasn’t employed anywhere in the state.

All this, the man handled in-house without letting anybody know that she was cheating, not even his own brothers.”

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