‘I Don’t Have A Friend In Nollywood’ – Actress Omobewaji Oyediji Cries Out

Nollywood actress, Omobewaji Oyediji has made an insightful claim regarding her career and friendship with industry colleagues.

Speaking to Punch in an interview, Omobewaji, who alluded to perceptions that there are s3x for roles in the industry established that she has no friends in the industry.

The curvaceous thespian said this in reaction to a question asked her about ‘fake’ friends in Nollywood.

In her words,

“Of course, I got sex-for-roles advances from producers. Even now, some producers and directors will tell you, you have to sleep with them so they give you a lead role. I am not one to take such offers because if I have to sleep with you to get a role, that means the role isn’t meant for me.

“I am a good actress and I can deliver. Why then would I need to sleep with someone in order to get a role? If I have to compromise to get it, I don’t want it.”

Asked about the notion that there are fake friends in Nollywood, she said,

“I honestly do not know. I don’t have friends in Nollywood, so I don’t know if there are fake friends.”

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