I Am Scared Of Carrying Child For 9 Solid Month So Am Not Getting Pregnant – MzGee

Ghanaian female broadcaster, MzGee has disclosed that she’s scared of the idea of giving birth.

According to her, she is not ready to carry a child for 9 months or bear the idea of giving birth.

She explained that she’s too busy to give birth now due to the kind of work she does and doesn’t want to leave a life which she won’t get enough time for the child.

Speaking in an interview with Nkonkonsa, she stated that she doesn’t want a situation where she will be chasing artiste for an interview while pregnant.

MzGee revealed that she has not seat with her husband to talk about it but seems he has buy to it because she has been saying it.

However, she said her family has not pressured them to give birth her so she’s not listening to anybody.

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