FBI give fresh update as Hushpuppi’s release date finally out (See Date)

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has publicly uploaded registration details of Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as in the US system, BOP did this to allow people get free access to be able to search for him in the BOP’s website.

Amongst the details that were disclosed about Hushpuppi on the website includes;his registration number, his full name, his race, his age and the present location where he is presently held which is Chicago. But his date of release indicates “UNKNOWN”. It was gathered that the 38 years old internet fraudster will be released few days to his 58th Birthday that mathematically 20years from now (2040).

This happened few days after he was extradicted to the United States after he was held guilty of numerous fraud in Dubai.

Below is the picture of his registration details which has gone viral after it was uploaded with vital informations about him.

Also, below is a picture of the prison where Hushpupi US FBI kept in him.

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