#BBNaija: Erica Risks Disqualification After Fight With Laycon And Prince (Photos)

Today, probably will be the end of the road for Miss Ngozi Ugonma Nlewedim after crossing all limits on the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show.

Everything unfolded this morning after Erica, a major contender of the Reality Show picked on Laycon, the viewers’ favourite, insulting bodyshaming and threatening to eliminate him.

Recall that last week, Ebuka had queried Laycon during the live eviction party on why he went about telling his fellow housemates that Erica had wanted to kiss her multiple times despite being in a situationship with Kiddwaya.

The love triangle between Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon has been a major highlight of this season’s show as it has sparked several bouts of controversy which pitched Erica against Laycon.

From the outset, Laycon had wanted Erica as a strategic partner in the house but Erica politely repudiated his overtures. She explicitly told him she was mentally attracted to him but physically attracted to Kiddwaya, a Billionaire’s son on the show.

Apparently, Kiddwaya is stinkingly rich and has been the centre of distraction to some ladies in the house. The likes of Erica, and Wathoni. However, he is laid-back and doesn’t want to be roped in transient love in the house. Although, lascivious, he’s in full control of his emotions which always breaks Erica who needed his assurance and commitment. Erica, even admitted going down with him in the house which she’s very ashamed of.

Erica’s rejection of Laycon clearly affected him as he was clearly disgusted by the public display of affection flagrantly exhibited by the two lovebirds. This made his friends, Neo and Vee to advise him to stop associating with Erica since seeing her together with Kiddwaya messes up with him. Vee had assertively defended Laycon when Ebuka asked her why she advised him to stay away from Erica. This further, severed the already strained friendship between Vee and Erica.

Laycon, thus, picked courage and clearly avoided Erica which got her exasperated since she sees Laycon as her bestie. In fact, Laycon has always said that Erica is his most favourite person in the house but things went awry between them. Erica wanted keeping Laycon as a friend. She wants to eat her cake and have it but Laycon called it quits and moved on. This has resulted in a cold war brewing between the two. Ebuka’s manipulated question escalated it this morning.

After their Saturday night party which ended in the wee hours of today. Erica who is probably, inebriated, confronted Laycon, asking him why he lied against her. She admitted that she had wanted kissing Laycon once because she was only sober and would never think of getting down with him.

She verbally abused Laycon, calling him chicken drumstick, thin and ugly. She said Laycon had nothing to contribute to the house but for using her name to trend. This is her greatest undoing because she doesn’t Laycon is a great force to reckon it. Laycon’s brilliance and quintessential talent as a musician had clearly endeared him to the people. Erica is just inconsequential in the scheme of things. In fact, her obvious stupidity made more people love and appreciate Laycon. She clearly shot the wrong foot.

Some housemates tried to hold her back but Erica, who is already on two strikes failed to restrained herself. She kept on cussing Laycon, even threatening to kill him. That’s despicable.

Erica, who is equally the head of the house for the week didn’t stop there but went ahead to prevent Prince, his deputy from sleeping with her in the Head of the House Lounge because he didn’t join her in getting back at Laycon. She literally poured water on Biggie’s bed which made Prince to sleep on the sofa. Erica crossed all limits and what awaits her is a third strike which will eventually culminate in her disqualification from the show. Erica, if disqualified will join Tacha to become the second female to be disqualified from the show.

Our people say that the death that will befall a dog, invariably prevents it from perceiving the sticky smell of faeces. Erica has indeed, crossed all limits and might be disqualified.

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